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Small and medium enterprises how to get out of the dead website

One Web site, what who do?
with Fujian's economic development in recent years, take up a lot of new business, while older companies with the development of the Internet in recent years, began to stir. Many business owners are hanging around and a "Web site I want to do, who to my website" passions. SME website, first select the right company.
analysis of Fujian's first network marketing, more than 1000 companies Web design company, a variety of grades varies greatly. Fuzhou art network technology services company, has a relatively complete system. Suitable for various categories of Web site construction, in the market, with the status of some part of the high school, is one of many enterprises, social groups, ideal for website. But many companies do not know the Web site being what they are and do Web advertising firm, the Internet and advertising after all, there's a big difference, do Web site is not an advertising professional, advertising companies take on the list are often turned over to someone else to do, this will inevitably have to kill you off. Do websites in terms of quality, operation and service are greatly reduced. Some good Wu long. Look for so-called network company, big appetites, the sky asking prices, small companies don't pay any more attention to you, a Web site holding you one or two months, it's hard to have a good after-sale service. Cheap, look for dubious company website, and after a period of time, any question, couldn't even find one. All in all, do and to do Web site varied, what kind of people are there.
two, learning Internet knowledge, lest deeply its victims
entrepreneurs in wants to, and do website zhiqian must to to understand learning about Internet do website aspects of knowledge, like; domain name space, and registered record and so on
following is a was distributed smoke of so-called website of mean behavior,
like Fuqing of a condiment company to do website, by company internal of financial personnel introduced, called to several Fuzhou xxx network company of salesman, condiment company of boss on website knew nothing In several clerk under the hype, a site was done, also runs a few days, hand, the site is not. Were told the site's Chinese domain name was registered by someone else, not the record. Want to buy the domain name to pay 300,000, owner jumped up. 10,000 is wasted, it will take 300,000 to buy domain names and feel a sense of being fraudulent. Decisive police, police investigation, and found squatting condiment company started a Web site in which the date of the third day. And that is how to sell domain names to the network from the company  , obviously is that Internet companies in the name of Web site, capturing object, empty glove White Wolf's criminal activities of extortion. After detection, the company had several of these crimes, the case broke, also won. Internet companies fell, spice Web site broke down, the story does not end ... ....
this true story tells us that Web sites preferred to learn some basic knowledge of the Internet, not the crowd, fashion, looking for reliable Internet company.
III, for an ordinary business, considering the website focus points:
1, layout styles, website construction, but first, it is an important step, to be consistent with the internal image. Animations, but not too much, because now China Web site, animation is too much open surprisingly slow. But not cheap, a Web site on behalf of a corporate identity, nor do you want others to see your website, and will kick you out the door to cooperation with you!
2, ease of maintenance, after an excellent, can allow you to save a lot of manpower costs, for the current network status, at least these functions, 1, SEO functions. 2, content editor as well as Word. 3, can be unlimited class generated columns. 4, browse hair analysis, provide a reference for the development of the market.
3, late can extended sex, often built station initial of requirements are is is low of, only need a small part function, but company always will big of, to has late, to added function of when, many enterprise on only put website again again do, actually this should in early built station of when, reserved such of interface, that late on has has good of extended sex.
4, staffing, dealing mainly with the daily news, collecting industry news, new product releases, update the content of the site, because only the new, would someone read. Who has seen families get a expired paper, same. That such a basic enough.
5, typically business owners are very budget-conscious people, possibly under the influence of a lot of marketing courses, costs for the network cut to the point of a hard, which barely website building and promotion is definitely not.
in short, became a decoration after the Enterprise website construction, why have not worked, from staffing the first consideration, after a Web site, I have, at least one person to maintain. ≪0 does not maintain a website the death of effect, that actually has the opposite effect. BACK