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Let webmasters out of awareness of the website weight errors

Weights for judging Web site has its own views and opinions, share this article with you and exchange one of the main content. Himself of website weight how, believes webmaster himself understand, but in more of when we need understand others website of weight, like research industry competition opponents of website, especially in purchase outside chain Shi often to with to, to following out many webmaster on website weight awareness produced errors of four a aspects:
1, and was think, snapshot update fast is weight high
website snapshot new not representative website weight high, only description this website in a paragraph time update compared frequently and has regularity, Baidu to form the habit of regular updates. In fact often encountered such a situation, many Baidu snapshot Web site a few weeks or a few months ago, countless keywords ranking in the first place, this Baidu snapshots are not key factors reflect website weight, internal factors but the site itself, is the prominence of the itself, or by some other means, the site "snapshots unpleasant, ranking as before". Details are unknown, but snapshot time website weight relationship is a relationship, it cannot be ruled out.
2, and was said; included page more is weight high
I operation of a eBook website Baidu only included has a Home, but daily can from Baidu gets 8000 around of IP, author of addition a station is navigation station type, so recently concern has several included alone page of navigation website situation also similar, concern of which a is Taobao navigation station, this website very violence and cattle fork, only included a Home, But it gives you dozens of targeted key words and long tail keywords first three rankings from Taobao special partner sites to view the orders data is updated within minutes of the site, order every day countless wow Lala. Through these case description, included of less not description website weight low, also of included of more also does not representative website weight high, I in purchase outside chain of when often see many collection type of website included tens of thousands of or hundreds of thousands of page, but website ALEXA ranking is in 8 million name yiwai, included too more unfortunately weight too low, these website and no from search engine gets to flow import, imagined such of website only see included more on buy Xia outside chain, who buy who suffer, Judging site high weight on him, so the included content is very one-sided.
3, more people say: high
PR high PR value is weight that your domain name has a certain age does not necessarily represent the high weight. In times of peace when we query keyword rankings, saw many such cases, PR is very low or zero website frequently came in front of this phenomenon illustrates the PR value with site weights didn't matter very much.
4, misunderstood. Baidu related domain and Yahoo anti-chain more is weight high
this claims compared mark, but still not key also not absolute of, everyone easy ignored addition a factors, is outside chain of quality, light see number not science, outside chain quality than number more key, so many website of Yahoo outside chain and Baidu domain related domain not more, but keywords ranking very of hegemony is this truth. BACK