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Teach you how to do standing group and keywords

What is a standing group? some people think that several elements of the same website at the same time have a good ranking, then you're wrong! Good standing group is not the number of sites with the same keywords, but several Web sites with different content, different keywords. Online article titled history's most powerful optimization Baidu Taobao cattle around 5000 precision long tail all of Baidu's Home Base, I do not know true or not, but it is certainly achievable, but use the station group to achieve, to be sure. Key to understanding what to do;,
     use the station group, relevant keywords and keyword analysis you want to do long tail keywords, the more, the merrier, the more the better, you can use Baidu index or other payment instruments. As the case 1 to 3 keywords or long tail keywords as a website's keyword in the station group to do, you read that right, this site just do this one or two keywords, even for long tail keywords. Well, after you determine the keywords, you can use to automate other content, including Web site content and link building (station link building has been evolutionary, Baidu's subtle, not discussed in this article). Wait a few months and you can see you dozens of hundreds of keywords in Baidu Home (because each station uses different key words, standing between the stations will not be much competition), and then over the mouth bloom.
returned to the subject of the article, a station one of the words, even one of these long tail keywords is not exaggerated. Why a standing one of the words, it is not a waste of resources?, why is it that its station group can make each keyword to gain better rankings? the reason is very simple, just one word: Baidu Web site Home of the weight much greater than within the page weight. Understand it, an ordinary site Home easily exceed a high keyword ranking pages within the Web site keyword ranking, this is when we use the Baidu search keywords, that the vast majority are the site of the Home, rarely see inside pages rank better. If the keyword competition is not strong, and long tail keywords, you use a stand for this keyword, with predictable results.
a a keyword approach was only one station group's success, has been stressing that choosing relevant keywords above to do station group, and this correlation is another factor in successful station group, continued attention to the A5, the next article will introduce the station group thought of sex.
using single keywords or long tail keywords to do a station master keyword, than can be achieved using a page within the Web site number 10 times times more powerful to do keyword results. We know this, but what to make, it is different views, such as a master to operate a station group. With our personal small station long? a competition analysis is not too great, index and not-so-low key words to do station, either learn or earn earn advertising money is a good choice. BACK