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Teach you how to survive the adversity of the Internet

Now the Internet live, mixed, fish and shrimps mixed with those "net fighter dogfight" webmaster friends want to do site, has a place in the Internet, like Shanghai, Beijing wants to buy a House, it's most difficult site where!
first, to start.
throughout now Internet Shang forming of website, many type of website are was well-known media and large portal March and the occupation market, as: well-known navigation station (Web site navigation), large portal (integrated website), download station (resources download), media news (News dynamic), game portal (game Advisory), music portal (music try listening to) also has many as: dating dating, novel name station, movie name station, well-known small game station, and so on..
Second, competitiveness.
we had individual owners to go to the Web site is the bucket filled with a great many illegal hotlinking online piracy sites, such as: pirate novel, pirate station daolian download sites, hotlinking video stations, and so on. Although China's strict check is tight, but the legitimate owners of more or less what we have worked so hard to increase pressure on countless.
third, the technology more difficult
with the development of the Internet, more and more Internet users are no longer existed prior to Internet access and Internet access, the majority of Internet users with the knowledge of the Internet, from infinite knowledge access to information changes slowly to enjoy the Internet fun and Visual enjoyment, believe that we are a large part of webmaster friends has some related technical choices on the Internet. And as the network develops slowly, with one technology is becoming difficult to meet the needs of the majority of users, without the support of a team or organization, increasingly difficult to develop on its own. Now of Internet, is not had by with himself of technology on can rough of making a website on can door operation of era has!
IV, promotion difficulty increased
presumably general webmaster, now are has a feel, regardless of is in Baidu, Google, also is in the big Forum, stick, wants to sent some is not has too big meaning of advertising links promotion, are difficult sent out has. Now no matter where I published anything, as long as content links, are very difficult to make successful. Numerous webmaster friends were deliberately or even apply for a lot of Forum accounts on a stick brush, hair, ask yourself, your answer ... Very tired now.
v, investment costs
Internet may also receive a price impact, now wants to do an ad buy keywords through bidding, investment than it used to be so much more ...
specific problems there should be much better. Not listed here. I believe many people will have the same feeling with me.
however difficult difficult, really can't do the Internet yet? the answer is no. This will test our ability to survive adversity: how in the face of adversity, and opened up a path, find the motivation, let yourself live, consolidating his base, develop their own power and find ways to have their place in the Internet.
bottom out to share some of my experiences with you, hope to be helpful, I hope you will have nothing to explore methods and approaches out of shared!
I do the website, for example. It's a PSP, whose name I do not say, after all, is not to do the AD.
How do I make my site live and in strongly competitive and saturated market, standing about? very simple features! on a floor and you touching the same website, how to de-Ying from these sites, rather than compete for a bowl of soup? is to find characteristics of their own. Features there are many, I selected a one of a kind: rewards, or interaction with users, just to reward form ...
and I how put "award" into I website of a features does? actually is simple, game station of logic is provides game related service, then let user to experience service, I just put "award" plug came in, increased has a interactive link, is user to I website experience I provides of related service, then will get points, dang points reached must degree zhihou, can in contest Center Exchange related prizes, then through this means retain user. On seems mobile company m value as, after all plainly, I do website is in meet customer of while money, and I of flow high has can earned to money, I again with earned to of money investment into website, feedback to customer, customer will to I Woo more of customer, then I can slowly improve award of prizes grade, retain more of customer, more of customer can to I Woo more of customer.... And so on ...
in fact, plainly is not a big idea, but now dares to use this method on the Internet personal site owners don't really much! there are pressure power, knowing but, dare to climb, there is harvesting the fruits of success opportunities. BACK