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Network path of entrepreneurship depends on the policies and systems

Past 2010, the sigh and sob for the webmaster. Painful but still need to recall, there is a saying that system to create wealth. Developed by the Internet over the past year many of the developed, many Web sites, stay away.
  file from a Web site, the BBS Forum special file, remote camera, individuals are no longer allowed to register. CN domain names, business-related website must apply for ICP, SNS sites require registered capital of 10 million threshold, and many other policies that make small AdSense difficult verification disturbance, coupled with recent site, IP address change need to resubmit the application, change ISPs website also need to reapply, let owners immensely.
website for webmasters is undoubtedly the heart of pain. Because record-keeping system is too rigid and lacked flexibility, inconvenience and trouble to business operations, and a new Web site, there's no way do all procedures and data in the short term. Regulators also will pressure down to the Trustees, IDC server hosting provider and therefore pressure, closed because of a qualification does not match the Web site Web site or related Web sites on the same server, are also commonplace.
and ultimately the overall effect is that the total number of domain names in China dropped to 8.66 million, of which. CN domain name 4.35 million. Web site declined to 1.91 million. Sites under the CN as 1.13 million, accounting for the overall site 59.5%. Most webmasters the server relocation overseas, United States Web hosting webmaster space select favourites and 440,000 Web site disappeared. Webmaster said that flow out now, I have three Web site, is still in a wait-and-see, there's no way to make a transition.
overseas Server heat which gives many opportunities IDC service providers. Novo networks, China famous IDC and the world's first United States Dallas room to build Sino-US room in Dallas, United States of virtual machines and the host business ranked first in the country. Also favored by the small webmaster. Meanwhile, recent strike while the launch many sale Spike, for example: 150M United States space, daily specials: 280; 350M United States space and daily specials: 444; 500M United States JAVA hosting, daily specials: 444.
at the same time, there are also new opportunities, Twitter's rapid popularity microblogging marketing boom also led to some hot. Tide coupon sites to be built of the forces nouvelles, although in the wild growth, but it also took on a dynamic of the whole industry after the infusion of tent scene.
is the Internet giant started AdSense again battle. It makes part of the webmaster was flattered. Tencent, Baidu, Taobao big three killed, fighting. Internet giants for these "shrimp" uncharacteristically rushed to Woo, have invited them to join his Union.
Taobao had first-mover advantage, and said it would provide 1 billion yuan to 3 million small and midsize Web sites into. Baidu's position in April 2010, will increase support for small website. Li promised that 2010 would pay for ad networks raise from 700 million Yuan into 10%~15%. Tencent's tentacles also felt small and medium sites. In August 2010, Tencent officially announced that community to buy China's largest software and service providers will follow the imagination, and this effect is that the number accounts for more than half of more than 1 million domestic small website is covered with Tencent's antennae.
Tencent is not only the impact on small website. Tencent announced not long ago on the third party website launched "connecting QQ" service. The service will allow third parties to achieve QQ-stop landing on its Web site. This will work directly for the site communities bring huge traffic, users and influence of viscosity. This development to the entire Internet ecosystem health has great benefits, but also its influence throughout the small webmaster community.
making the small webmaster see their potential and therefore not sell ourselves short, began to abandon the self-pity cut emotion. Traders said small website like hawker stalls next to the station unless they occupy prime locations, otherwise you will not win the favor of Giants and VCs, who still has a huge economic power of the long tail effect.
the industry considered that the webmaster is dead, several people, thousands of Yuan to build a station, setting off billows of the era has gone. Today's Internet is a giant monopoly, grass-roots effort. Coupled with the policy chain heavy, let owners struggling. In the new year, AdSense will say goodbye to the past year's dismal condition, into the new? who is also unpredictable, how to change in the future, webmasters need to continue its efforts to create a new Internet era of their own. BACK