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Practicing basic skills improve the website quality

As a webmaster and bloggers, are eager to focus on every day to the site of his form. Of course, ItBuDu is no exception, because of excellent bloggers lay special emphasis on his station, to exchange a link with them, had to spend Money, although I do not want to see, but the reality is that the. Below I will provide some own little experience blogging before, probably several.
1, increase the site's links: don't mind the site PR, I believe bloggers to exchange links with you, certain are you blogging friends. Of course, when looking for links, to see if you can exchange. ⑴ Baidu did not include or included only Home don't; b Baidu snapshots for more than 7 days and not because 2-3 days, which is normal, it doesn't matter; c don't have n links on the page; d website includes a small number do not.
2, Web sites faster: bloggers for the first time into the site is usually by clicking on the link or enter the URL in the browser, first opened the speed will only be recognized by bloggers. If over five seconds you of website also playing not open, usually on will was directly close has, so first we to select a paragraph high-speed of host, and put website code optimization streamlined to optimization website speed, certainly just is fast also enough, you of website server to stable, don't always playing not open, if has times website are playing not open, Bo friends also not trust you of website has.
3, the overall style of the Web site design is beautiful, simple and elegant: it is able to give bloggers a good impression, so bloggers at a glance down, you will be hooked on your blog, don't be too fancy like some bloggers. In this connection, I will write blog account.
4, and website daily are to update: this I think is vital of, certainly has Bo friends will has questions, because from Bo friends into you of website Hou, see of articles always on so several, although not can do every day update, but often update also is to of, just ItBuDu recommends regardless of more busy, spent points time wrote about, also matter of's.
the above points are ItBuDu lessons on improving the user experience of the Web site for the time being, these are not only useful to the user, the search engine, has the same effect, search engines are based on the user's perspective to judge the quality of a website. If you have any better suggestions, ItBuDu sincerely look forward to your comments, we learn from each other. BACK