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Technology details to pay attention site

Some say men don't care too much about, or a big, sloppy, seize the watermelon and Sesame be cast away. However, in the rest time today, high-tech era, the alien to this saying, should not be applied. Webmasters
to succeed, we must pay attention to section, attention to detail, the only way to lay a solid foundation for the site's future success. As the let we admire of some success website, in specific of details processing Shang are very heart and in place, and in its success zhiqian, on has in multiple aspects are do foot has Kung Fu, "Rome wasn't built in day built", whenever success of website in they success zhiqian must are insisted spent has quite more of mind, and as grassroots webmaster of we, to success also as need let himself focused on details, grew up at starts with, insisted heart do small.
specific to the requirements and details, our webmaster before it was done, to see the truth is "man". Behind every successful website must be a webmaster with a good character and habits, only in this way can be genetically to inject glamour into it from a Web site, provides the best angle for future success. In the handling of the website details and trivia on, I think, to do five things, paving the way for future success.
first thing, let your site on the search engines like.
search engines like your Web site is not to be thorough turns around the search engine, with its preferences and requirements for the highest guide. But under construction station selection of excellent building at the beginning of the program, the procedure of transforming, simple and clear structure, conducive to the search engine spiders crawl and crawl. This website the technical indicators for the future, such as snapshots and indexed websites, once and for all good things.
the second thing, was loved and respected by users of your website.
website of ultimate success also depends on the user support and access, user is also most for the success or failure of the site plays a fundamental role for a long time. Web site operation will focus on the importance of user requirements, column design from Web site to Web sites are considered for the user on the content organization, was felt by users in the course of using the site to their attention and careful, was loved and respected by users of your site, is firmly to retain the user's know-how.
the third thing, and establish their own characteristics is very impressive.
in website success zhiqian, a good of image, has features of website design or Forum of discussion atmosphere, are can makes new old user on website impression deep, this on can makes old user constantly in here get fresh sense, enhanced on website of rely on degrees and trust degrees, and then led new user of joined, makes website of user scale constantly expanded, and this features more is future website success of features gene where, can up to let people easily remember and share of role.
the fourth thing, let a website full of trust and communication with the sites of the same type.
website and website Zhijian of relationship like people and people Zhijian, to let website built up brand, formed brand effect, on need makes website and with type of other website established up widely of contact, out of behind closed doors of shackles, do make friends, through such as friendship links such of general means, both can while improve website of technology index, on the also can each other enhanced influence, increased user number and so on, for website of brand formed also benefit.
the fifth thing, head of its circle of communication: low profile. For webmasters,
, head of the communication represents a variety of opportunities, in exchange of communication will have the opportunity at any time in the process, there are opportunities to establish new cooperation, publicizing their own Web sites, promote themselves, friends laid the Foundation for success. In the process of communication, owners should maintain a modest heart, learn from other webmasters, not complacency, people beyond reason, learn real skills. Needle
there is an old saying in Zhang Fei--big eye stares, use your eyes to focus on the small details, in order to keep up with everything and not lose, in order to be successful! BACK