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Good titles makes your website increase charm

People wear good clothes horse saddle, good title issue, the key to this is a good article. Good essay topics you want to have a good, creative title raises the desire to read, and also increase the visitor's first impression of you, too mediocre title, not only neglected, but visitors will not rule you.
to create attention the article title, it is very important, so we must learn to write this important title.
1, and humor and interesting of title
title in the open a small humor or said points interesting of content, not only can attract everyone of eye, and also will induced everyone reading of desire, certainly, small humor cannot too obscure has, sometimes everyone is not like cold humor of, humor and interesting of title important, but, title to and articles has correlation, or, such fragrance is useless of.
2, and using hot fresh of words
hot fresh of words, Internet Shang too more has, what "God horse, and Cup with, and sharp brother, and Feng" such of network popular language, in right of when joined right of title in the, will to you of articles brings good of effect, in addition, like "free, and secret" this class word of effect is is good of, everyone are like see not is know of secret.
3, controversial title
as a whole, the current published some elements of the controversial title, attract people's eyes, of course, controversial title, but also relevant content or title and content don't match, there's not much action, and gives the impression it is not good.
4, occasional problem-a problem title
title, which is one of many content, questions, people desire to read, with his views on issues, and will attract more readers to read, after all, we all have a desire to solve the problem.
, key words contained in the title, if you care about the ranking, then the keyword is the best to include in the title, which can bring unexpected results to your blog, I have a friend use "XX" this keyword has brought considerable traffic to your blog, so when do these keywords, you can consider.
a good article certainly need a good title, it will be icing on the cake, spent more time for articles of a good "name", will give you unexpected results, articles you've spent so much time and effort is not wasted because of a title.

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